f 10 Text From People With Flawless Humor

10 Text From People With Flawless Humor

Some thinking of something after the conversation has ended gives us a humorous answer. But these people are so flawless that they are untameable in humor. These are those amusing replies from people who nailed it.

1. That Pain Of Expectations

Andrew thought of something that he would get, That humor killed him though. He’ll think twice before asking for pictures now.

2. That Sense Of Humor

Next time keep in mind to ask him 2 questions instead of one. But this time this guy just nailed it to the core.

3. Point To Be Noted

Just keep in mind if you reply @ 3 am to your friend, you should have a good reason from next time.

4. Should Have Asked The Right Question

If she told you that she’ll be home in an hour why do you want it to be soon? Ask that question once again and you will get these type of replies.

5. Agreed! Totally

Why do want to invite more problem to your life if you got so many? Yes! falling in love can be an add on to it.

6. Relating Things Is Fine! But Movies?

If you relate movies to vegetables then from next time make sure you don’t watch them at all.

7. How Come That Thing Came Into Your Mind

Please let the world know who taught you this. Because if you did this on your own then, please stop texting people.

8. Really A Blender?

Only a mom can gift you a blender. If you ever thought of this happening then you are walking with the world.

9. Punctuations Are Very Important

Some people think anybody can get what they want to say. But dear please don’t be in that misunderstanding you have, people don’t usually understand.

10. So Smart

That ‘s too smart answer by a friend, How could you even get it when you received this text.


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