f Dog fails that will make you feel guilty for laughing – almost

Dog fails that will make you feel guilty for laughing – almost

Any dog lover knows that for every story of a puppy miraculously saving a life, or protecting a child, there’s a dozen more stories of getting stuck in the cat door or face planting while trying desperately to escape an evil roomba.

Luckily for us all, many humans are keenly aware when their little loved ones may be more inclined to find themselves committing some furball faux pas and make sure to be on hand to document such notable occasions.
Here is a collection of canine blunders, boo-boos, and bloopers across the board that showcase all of the derps and duhs of doghood. We double dog dare you to make it through the list without “Aww”-ing at least once.

The nearly extinct bathroom seal in its natural habitat.

That’s certainly one way to celebrate your graduation from obedience school.

You may have seen a better picture of a dog avoiding a bath today. But we sincerely doubt it.

Someone forgot how to dog.

Golden retriever likes to roll around in freshly cut grass or Hulk-Dog?

“Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father.”

“Oh, am I… am I not supposed to be here? My mistake.”

What? He really likes coconuts.

The three levels of curiosity.

Just go ahead and take a guess as to which one of these puppies fell asleep first.

“Dude, HOW did you never tell me we have a hot tub?”

“I am no longer a puppy. I am a purse. Accept it.”

“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Taste the rainbow. Tastes like wallpaper.

“Hi! I live here now.”

“I’m glad you asked, I’d like to take this time to explain my evil plan.”

We see nothing wrong with this picture whatsoever.


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