f Empty Your Colon Of Toxic Waste With This Cleansing Method!

Empty Your Colon Of Toxic Waste With This Cleansing Method!

People have been performing colon cleanses since ancient Greece. These methods have also been praised a lot thanks to the benefits they provide. In the USA, the method of colon cleansing has become popularized in the 1920s and 1930s, mostly due to the theory of autointoxication. Under the influence of undigested meat and other foods, the mucus accumulates in the colon and it results in toxins and poisons in the body. These toxins and poisons on the other hand, result in fatigue, weight gain, headaches, and low levels of energy.


If you opt for a cleaning method based on vegetables and fruit, it is very important for you to choose high fiber alternatives that are rich in nutrients. Here is an example of colon cleanses which is abundant in incredible fibers, nutrients, and vitamins that will take the place of the toxins you will get rid of. It is recommended that you start with apples, as they are rich in soluble fiber that aids you feel fuller for longer and helps with loose stool. Apples also contain insoluble fiber that adds bulk in the stool and alleviates constipation.


Another ingredient that is very beneficial for colon cleansing is flax seeds. Flax seeds also contain incredible fiber, which can delay gastric emptying and boosts the absorption process of nutrients in the intestines. This ingredient will also help you avoid food and reduce the risk of colon cancer. This recipe contains flax seeds and it is of double importance for your body as it also protects your heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, flax seeds are abundant in healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Many people know chia as the grass pet from the 90s, but it is much more than that. The chia seed contains great amounts of fiber that adds to a healthy digestive tract. Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients and vitamins which are going to be absorbed by your body, while it is going to eliminate the toxins. Chia seeds are also beneficial as they keep you fuller longer and thus help in the process of reducing body weight. These seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that maintain the heart muscle strong.

Apple colon cleanse


  • one teaspoon of honey
  • one tablespoons of chia seeds
  • one tablespoon of ground flax seeds (because they are easier to digest)
  • one apple
  • one cup of water

Method of preparation:

  • start by mixing all ingredients into one mixture, with the exception of the chia seeds
  • next, pour the whole mixture into a drinking glass
  • stir the ingredients well until the chia seeds begin expanding (after about five minutes time)
  • drink and enjoy the benefits of this tasty beverage

A tip:

The consumption of foods rich in fiber such as apples needs to be accompanied by drinking great quantities of water. This way, you will make sure that your body is hydrated, and your stool is maintained healthy. This tip will also help you maintain your entire body healthy and functioning.


Source: healthtipsportal.com


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