f Fruits That Supply Your Calcium Needs

Fruits That Supply Your Calcium Needs

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Calcium is necessary for the body to be able to function properly. It is used for all sorts of things; Luckily there are plenty of calcium-rich fruits to ensure you don’t become deficient.

Calcium is needed for blood clotting, nerve function, and even the contraction of both the skeletal and heart muscles. It also makes sure you have healthy teeth and hair.
Calcium makes sure those plentiful bones you have stay healthy, not getting enough calcium will cause osteoporosis. That is a condition that makes your bones brittle and easily breakable. While most people still think that the only way to get enough calcium is by eating meat and drinking milk, they couldn’t be more wrong.
Eating certain fruits will allow you to get your daily calcium intake quickly. This is especially great for those who choose to take the better route and be vegetarians.

Here are some of the fruits that are high in calcium:

Kiwis and Oranges

Kiwis and Oranges are high in calcium; they are also a great way to ensure you get enough vitamin C as well. Simply using these the next time you decide to make a smoothie will help you to have nicer skin and make your bones stronger.


Dried prunes can contain up to almost eighty milligrams of calcium per cup! This fruit will make your bones stronger as well as preventing constipation, and making your bowels move on a more regular basis.

Apricots and Figs

Dried Apricots and Figs will give you calcium and make a fantastic trail mix when you add nuts!

Pears and Kumquats

Pears have around sixty milligrams per pear, of calcium. This is a significant amount. Kumquats don’t quite have anywhere near as much calcium in them, but they both contain tons of dietary fibers that can help to keep your intestinal tract free of toxins. This is good because most people let toxins build up in their body’s, and it starts affecting their health before they try ways to get them out.


Mulberries are rather hard to find nowadays, but they offer the body all sorts of benefits if you can come across them. They can have as much as almost sixty milligrams of calcium, and this will dramatically strengthen your bones.


Tangerines being much like oranges are a great source of vitamin D, vitamin C and Calcium. One medium sized tangerine can supply the body with about 33 milligrams of calcium.

It is beneficial to eat foods with lots of vitamin D, these will help ensure that your body will be able to absorb all of the calcium that it’s taking in. Rather than wasting it, Just try to eat more eggs, milk, salmon, tuna, and mushrooms. Spending more time outdoors can give you lots of Vitamin D as well, Thanks to the sun,

So instead of diving into a plate of meat to get your calcium try eating some of these fruits next time!

Source- Organic Health



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