f WARNING: Why You Should Never Buy Produce With A Sticker That Begins With 8

WARNING: Why You Should Never Buy Produce With A Sticker That Begins With 8

Have you ever bought a Fuji apple? Then you have probably see the stickers with numbers on it. But, do you know what do they mean? Are they just a mark that companies use for their purposes? No of course not, these numbers are important and they can say a lot about the product. Of course, they mean many things, and we will provide you their meaning.


So for example, if you find a number on the sticker that starts with a 9 then you have an organic product. But, some people may be still wondering what makes one product organic. If you asking the same question than you should know that organic product is product that was grown in a soil with no pesticides, antibiotics and contaminated fertilizers.

We can all see that organic food tastes much better and numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this food have more benefits to our entire health. One old saying goes – you are what you eat – so try to look for the best and healthiest products for you. If want to try an organic food that will give you many health benefits search for some of these foods:

  •     Apples
  •     Cucumbers
  •     Kale
  •     Bell peppers


If you have ever seen products with numbers that start with 4 or 3, then you have products that are grown in a conservative way. In this type of agricultural it means that manufacturers have used pesticides and chemicals which help them to get larger products. Also these products can grow faster and they can last for a longer period of time.

But this doesn’t always mean that the products are unhealthy. If you want to buy a good product that starts with these numbers and you want to save money we suggest some of the following foods:

  •     Sweet potatoes
  •     Onions
  •     Cabbage
  •     Avocados

And in the end, the numbers found on products that start with 8 are GMO products. With other words, the product you have in your hands was made by a machine or individual in order to speed up productivity. Many scientists and nutritionists agree that people should avoid these products.

Remember it is the best to help local farmers and visit farmers markets and small local food stores. Also you can become part of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA exchange to see where the food is coming from. You can always buy organic products in a grocery store, but it is better to buy products right from the person who cultivated them.

Spend some time analyzing what you are buying before you put it on the table, and you can protect yourself from different health issues and support your health above all.




Source: healthandlovepage.com


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