10 Advices On How To Quit Biting Your Fingernails!

Make your nails shine again!

If you’re one of the people who bite their nails, don’t miss these 10 advices.

They will help you overcome this habit which isn’t only bad and non-esthetic, but it also represents a potential threat on your health. Biting your nails and cuticles can cause pain, and even some finger wounds.

If that happens often, infections can affect the nails, but they can also transfer on your mouth. So, biting your nails for a longer period of time can cause a disturbed growth of those nails and their deformations.


You must stop biting your nails today and the following 10 ideas will help you go through this!

  • Advice 1: Self-control

The first step is to get to know yourself and your habits. Pay attention to the situations in which you bite your nails and which are your emotions while you’re doing that. You will probably discover something that could help you in your further quitting.

  • Advice 2: Imagine you having beautiful nails

Imagine you have beautiful, long and healthy nails. Start with one nail. If you succeed that with only one nail, it can be a motive to continue with the other ones.

Put some self-adhesive notes – reminders somewhere in front of your eyes to remind you not to put your hands into your mouth.

Find a photo of the nails that you mostly like and put a photo of your nails in a phase where they are the most damaged – you will surely understand that you still don’t want to have those ugly looking nails.

  • Advice 3: Find the cause that’s making you bite your nails

After you recognize the situations in which you bite your nails mostly, try finding the reason for that:

If the reason is current stress, fight it using techniques for relaxing, exercises, more sleeping, less daily commitments…

If the cause is general stress, try learning new ways to fight against difficulties, find something else that will help you calm down and easily surpass your everyday problems.

  • Advice 4: Step by step

Firstly, you have to set some short-term goals for yourself and you should try to accomplish them. Short-term goals lead to long-term goals…As long as you act in accordance with your posed goals, your reward will be bigger. If you’re not aware for every moment in which you bite your nails, ask a dear person to remind you and warn you every time, so you can stop.

Take care of your nails gradually – more and more every day. Show the advance to the dear people who will surely stimulate you and motivate you further. Be proud of what you’ve achieved.

  • Advice 5: Fast solutions – nail polish or cream against biting

You can use a nail polish or some special creams against biting. Their taste is bitter and unpleasant. But, if you get used to that taste in time and you start biting your nails again – replace that means for another one. Be careful that you don’t pass your love for the bitter taste on your food too.

Girls can protect their nails very effectively in beauty salons – by putting artificial fingernails.

  • Advice 6: Beautiful and firm nails

Minerals, calcium and magnesium primarily, affect the look of your nails. Take them into recommended doses, no matter if you’re doing it through nutrition or dietetic supplements.

You can buy products for nails strengthening in pharmacies. If you manage not to bite them for some time, protect yours – put some nail polish or visit a manicurist. It will surely be very difficult for you to “attack” your beautiful and painted nails.

  • Advice 7: Find some other habit

Some people for example like tapping with their fingers and you may find it enough to only control your palms or choose a creative habit, for example drawing.

Squeezing anti-stress balls also helps, because it is intended to release you from stress. In moments of weakness, you can also use your mouth for something else – for example, a chewing gum or crackers.

  • Advice 8: Hide your nails

You may hide your nails and in that way, resist the temptation. Put some gloves or plasters. Apply some cream on your cuticles and damaged skin, to cure the consequences from the biting.

  • Advice 9: Never ever use your teeth to make your nails

Always have a nail set near you. In that way, you won’t be tempted if you have a cuticle or some of your nails are broken or if you suddenly think that your nails are too long.

  • Advice 10: Be persistent

Biting your nails is a habit from which you can get rid of very quickly. You must be aware of the damage from that habit, you must be patient, have strong will and self-discipline.

Don’t forget that the look of the nails is a reflection of someone’s health, which is also a good argument to stop this ugly habit.

Source: http://www.beextrahealthynow.com/10-advices-on-how-to-quit-biting-your-fingernails/


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