10 Reasons To Drink More Apple Cider Vinegar !

It might sound surprising to you, but apple cider vinegar is extremely efficient for your health in general, and here are ten ways you can use it to help pave the way to a better you.

1. Balance your inner ecosystem

The body aims to achieve the state of homeostasis, or the state of equilibrium. This is achieved by maintaining the body’s pH balance, or the acid-base balance, in the normal range of 7.35-7.45.

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for maintaining the healthy alkaline pH level of the body.

According to research, increased acid levels, or lower pH levels, cause a lack of energy, excess production of mucous and increased risks of infection, among other things.

2. Detoxes the body

As we mentioned, apple cider vinegar balances the body’s pH, and hence participates in the detoxification processes of the body.

Studies indicate that apple cider vinegar stimulates the cardiovascular circulation and helps the detoxification process of the liver. Also, it is beneficial for the breaking up of the mucous throughout the body and for the cleansing of the lymph nodes.

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