There is no doubt that kidney stones are a relatively common medical complaint and they can cause one or two problems for a number of people mixed in with a considerable amount of pain. However, we can at least lower the chances of us developing this health condition as it is often related to things that we ourselves are doing to our body. Indeed, when it comes to things that cause kidney stones it is interesting to note that a number of foods can contribute to the condition as we will now find out.

1. Too much caffeine

If you love your coffee, then you may not be aware that you could be storing up trouble with your kidneys. The reason for this is because too much caffeine is going to stress out your kidneys and it can lead to an increase in calcium levels which is known to be a prime contributing factor to the development of kidney stones and it is all because you will exhaust the organs.

2. Rhubarb

This may sound rather strange, but rhubarb is one thing that you need to stay away from especially if you are prone to developing kidney stones. This is because they are high in oxalates and this is the thing that the stones are made up of, so if you eat food that has high levels of them, then it makes sense that you are then more likely to develop kidney stones simply because you are supplying the material on a plate.

3. Artificial Sweeteners

This is difficult because so many people have switched to artificial sweeteners as they believe that they are going to be healthier, but here is the thing; they might be healthier in some ways, but they could be contributing to you developing kidney stones. This comes from studies that have shown the long-term use of them can begin to inhibit normal kidney function so if you do want to move away from sugar look for natural alternatives rather than those that have been created by man.

4. Too much meat

There are numerous studies that show meat is good for you in various ways, but it all comes down to how often you eat it, how you eat it, and how you cook it. However, animal protein has been linked to the development of kidney stones and if you have a high protein diet, then you are more likely to stress out your kidneys and his can contribute to their creation. Furthermore, meat can often be high in uric acid and this is also known to be a common factor in kidney stones.

5. Sardines

If you love sardines and are prone to kidney stones, then there may very well be a link between the two. This is because they are high in something called purines, which is an organic compound that manages to boost the smell of a food, and studies have shown a link between purines and kidney issues. They are fine to have every once in a while, but do not have them as a regular part of your diet as you could be causing trouble for yourself.

6. Too much salt

When it comes to things that could lead to kidney stones, then salt is probably the one thing that most people are aware of. This is all linked to the way in which salt leads to water retention and if you are retaining water, then the sodium is not being flushed out of your system the way it should be. This then puts more stress on both your blood pressure as well as your kidneys and that can only eventually spell trouble for you in the long term.

7. Fizzy drinks

People understand that fizzy drinks are bad for you in a number of ways and it is all related to the sweeteners and amount of sugar that is in there as well as possibly the various additives that are used to give them their distinctive flavor. Drinking too much of them is not only going to be bad for your teeth, but once again it puts pressure on your kidneys that they are not entirely designed for and as we have seen time and time again, when they are under stress it will only increase your chances of developing kidney stones.
8. Those leafy greens

Now, we have all been made aware of the various health benefits of eating those leafy greens, so hearing that they can be a contributing factor to the development of kidney stones is going to come as a bit of a shock to people. It is all because of the fact that some of them are higher in calcium oxalate and this is clearly linked to kidney stones. It does mean you should avoid eating too much okra or spinach due to them having the highest levels.

9. Dairy products

Dairy products can cause a problem for a number of people for various reasons, but fewer people are aware that it could have an impact on your kidneys. However, this is mainly for those people that already have an issue with kidney stones because the calcium that is in dairy is no longer as good a friend as it is for other people and instead it can become your enemy. Limiting the amount of calcium in your diet is essential if you are to maintain your health and to stop those kidney stones from developing in the first place.

10. Processed food

Processed food is not exactly good for you in any way, shape, or form so this should hardly come as a surprise. However, it is often linked to things they use in their production rather than the food itself, and the problem here is that you have no idea about the production process and are taking a chance every time you eat it. Remove it from your diet and you will limit the amount of potential toxins you are consuming.
As you can see, there is a real need for you to carefully consider your diet and look at the types of ingredients that can contribute to kidney stones particularly if you are the type of person that already suffers from them. Kidney stones are no laughing matter, so take care of yourself.

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