10 things women should never lie to men about

Men, do you agree?

10. Be Transparent

It’s not easy being completely transparent with someone you’ve just started a relationship with But it’s extremely important. Better you than some fiendish person trying to ruin your relationship. If you have anything about your past that haunts you, spit it out, don’t keep things for later, the More transparent you are with your partner the healthier the relationship becomes. It’s going to Take a lot of effort but it’s completely worth it.

9. Your Age

This is one of the most delicate topics for women but it’s important to let it out, do not lie About your age prior to the relationship. If he is interested, age won’t matter, if you’re insecure About revealing your age, it would only make him doubt you and once he doubts you on this He will very easily doubt you on something else. Keep it transparent with the birth dates.

8. Your Take On Sports

Don’t take me wrong, ladies, men love the sight of a woman who’s into sports, but they know most Women don’t like sports as much as they do. So if you’re not into sports and your man is raving about It, don’t “pretend” to like it. If he’s watching a game and it’s of no interest to you, tell him. You don’t have To sit through his hours of TV time and also feel weird and uncomfortable while doing it, he’s going to Know by the way you pretend to like it and that’ll be a huge turn off for him. Be realistic and truthful, Remember this, only true feelings can keep a relationship alive. – Continue reading on the next page

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