This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Have you ever wondered why some religions forbid pork meat? Well the explanations is that pork meat is unclear. Maybe there is something behind this belief because there are many medical experiments that support this claim.


Since pigs as scavengers, eat everything from feces to spoiled sustenance and urine. This poisons from the foods cannot be eliminated from the pigs’ bodies because the food processes and digest in about 4 hours. So, they remain in their organs and fat cells.

There was one research, carried out on 200 pigs, where it was found out that in almost 70% of the pigs there is one dangerous microorganism called Yersinia eneroclitica. This organism causes fever, vomiting, sickness, cramps and diarrhea. This research also claims that ground pork is even more dangerous than slashes of pork.

There were many others contaminants found in this food such as ractoparmine, a medicine that can cause death if sick people are consuming it. China and Europe has banned this medication, but unfortunately pork has it.

As well as other dangerous substances infections and parasites from pigs can easily be transferred to people.

One parasite called Taenia solium causes appetite loss and tissue contamination. Other, called Trichinella, causes malaise, fever, edema and mylagia. The viral irritation hepatitis E causes nausea and weariness.

If you cook the pork it may reduce the chances of developing these above mentioned issues. However no one knows the right temperature that will destroy them.

If you continue to consume pork,when cooking it use a meat thermometer in order to measure the inward temperature of the meat.

Ground pork should be cooked at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and pork slashes at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t store crude eatable ingredients with crude pork. Even after you touch crude pork, wash your hands. Make sure to buy pork that contains no medication, ractoparmine, anti-toxins and chemicals. Find the proclamations when using antibiotics.

The Animal Welfare Approved sign indicates that anti-infection agents are being used in treating diseases. The sign natural doesn’t indicates how pigs were raised or if antibiotics were used. Packages may also contain anti-microbial residues.

Even if it says on the package that the pork is organic you need to have concerns about the meat

This meat usually contains pork work or Trichinella spiralis. Fortunately, if cooked well, you may destroy this harmful parasite.

These parasites survive on steel grates and cement. Anti-microbials in the food just help in the survival of these terrible parasites.

Pigs are fed in really low standards. As mentioned above, even if the meat is very well cooked, there are still a lot of dangers. You may haven’t got anything yet, but if you continue to eat more and more pork, chances are you might catch a disease.

In recent times, pigs are held in factory farms in stockrooms. They don’t enjoy clean air or bright sun as we see in pictures in the wild. These animals are only fed with anti-infection agents instead of green grass. This is the way pigs develop fast and become available for the market.

Furthermore, no one cleans after a pig has vomited or urinated, they are just surrounded by their own toxins. They also breathe lethal gas and get mange.

Before being slaughtered pigs often catch pneumonia because of the presences of ammonia in the urine and feces.

This is only a small part of what is really happening away from the public eyes. So, before eating pork again, you should consider all the dangers it brings.


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