15 absolutely indispensable tricks for everyone who loves a clean home

15 absolutely indispensable tricks for everyone who loves a clean home

The following 15 pieces of advice are utterly brilliant for keeping your house clean, and what’s more they’re all really quick and easy to do. Just trust us on this one — we checked each and every one, and they all work great!

The microwave

Squeeze out some soap on to a wet sponge, then rub it on something to get a good amount of foam. Put the sponge into the microwave, switch it on at minimum power for 30 seconds. Open the door and wipe the microwave from inside. This way, cleaning the microwave is not only much easier, but it will also help to remove any foul smells and microbes stuck to the sponge.


It’s easy to clean paintings with the help of a bagel sliced in half, as well as plenty of other products from the bakery. Just use the bagel to wipe the painting down carefully. Then brush off any crumbs.


Given enough time, all mattresses become dirty. To get them looking like they’re brand new once again, you merely need to sprinkle them with baking soda, leave it for a few hours and then vacuum it up. All traces of dirt and smells will disappear. This method also works with an old sofa.

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