2-Ingredient Mixture to EFFECTIVELY Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

Cleansing your ears is an important part of everyday hygiene, because most of people report ear issues such as earwax buildup when is too late.

There is a perfectly good reason why your ear canal produces wax: earwax waterproofs the ear by keeping the water from going in and getting stuck. Cleaning your ear with Q-tips has proven as harmful since they strip the wax and let the water stay in.

Therefore, instead of using over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, which are ineffective, we strongly recommend you using natural homemade remedies that can provide you better results.



The remedy we are offering is consisted from completely natural ingredients such as white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is considered as one of the most effective disinfectant and cleaner because is able to eradicate even 85%of aerobic bacterial contamination that it comes in contact with.


White vinegar fights off infections successfully due to its powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial properties.

When both ingredients are combined make an extremely effective remedy that eliminate earwax and ear infections. This combination dries the ear,breaks down earwax and you won’t feel any pain or discomfort when poured into the ear.

Earwax and Ear Infections Home Remedy Recipe

  • white vinegar
  • rubbing alcohol
Way of preparation:

Mix 1 part of rubbing alcohol and 1 part of white vinegar.

Pour a teaspoon (5 millimeters) of the mixture into one ear and title your head to the opposite side. You should in this position for 1 minute. Sit upright to allow the mixture to run out of the ear. Repeat the same process on the other ear. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

This mixture will help in cleaning out the trapped water, eliminating the earwax and treating your ear infection.

Note: If you do not fell any improvements within 3 days or if you experience any serious problems such as perforating your ear drum please consult your doctor.

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