27 Warning Signs Of INSULIN RESISTANCE Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Insulin Resistance: A Hindrance to Weight Loss

You might not be losing weight because of insulin resistance. When your muscles, fat, and liver cells are not responding properly to insulin, glucose absorption from the bloodstream becomes compromised. For glucose to enter into the cells, your body demands higher levels of insulin. We will look at top pointers of insulin resistance that may be holding back your weight loss goals.

Insulin Resistance Diagnosis

Your doctor can identify if you are likely to have insulin resistance by performing a physical examination, taking your detailed history, or through simple laboratory tests depending on your risk factors. Common tests include:

  • Waist Size

By examining your waist circumference, your doctor can easily find out if you have insulin resistance. Chances are that you have the condition if it is bigger than 35 inches.

  • Fasting Insulin Levels

This is a test that examines insulin levels in the blood after fasting. If it is higher than10 uIU/ml, you probably have insulin resistance.

  • Fasting Glucose Levels

If an examination of your blood sugar after fasting for a couple of hours finds that it is higher than 75-100mg/dl, chances are you have insulin resistance.

  • Glucose Tolerance Test

This is complicated and your doctor has to take a few blood tests during the day. It is commonly done if you are suspected to be diabetic or hypoglycemic.


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