30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

Before you read this page, make sure you save it and always look at it, just to remind yourself not to regret these things. Here are the 37 things you’ll regret when you’re old.


  1. Not traveling when you had the chance.

Think we all have had this once in our life, thinking ‘I should have gone there or there’. Well as long as you live and able to travel, please do travel. Trust me it becomes a lot harder the older you get. If you think of excuses now, later you will have a family and need to pay the way for three-plus people instead just for yourself.

  1. Not learning another language.

How many languages do you speak? There’s no excuse not to learn a new language, and you are never too old for this. You’ll kick yourself when you realize you took three years of language in high school and remember none of it.

  1. Staying in yes those bad relationship(s).

How many of us seen this happen? No one who ever gets out of a bad relationship looks back without wishing they made the move sooner.

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