5 Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast


The way you age says a lot about your health, but it’s not just about your individual health or how good your genetics are. Rather, you can look at an entire culture and how it ages to get a good feel for their lifestyle and their health.

That’s why it’s so important to learn the healthy living secrets of Japanese women. Obesity and even a little bit of extra weight are extremely uncommon in this culture, and women do not seem to pack on the pounds as they age and their metabolism slows down. Furthermore, it can be impossible to tell a woman’s age because of how young she looks.

Use these five tips to change your diet and make long-lasting health changes.

Tip 1: Eat small portions on smaller plates

Go to any American restaurant and you’ll see that the portion sizes are completely out of control. No one needs to be eating thousands of calories at one meal. In Japan, portion sizes are considerably smaller, yet people are more satisfied with their food.

Take advantage of this by eating your food on smaller plates. This tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating a larger portion. In addition, start each meal with a glass of water.

Tip 2: Skip the frying

Frying food isn’t just unhealthy, it also ruins the taste of many delicious foods. Instead of concentrating on frying food to improve its taste, use methods like steaming, basting, steering, and grilling. You will learn to appreciate the taste of your food more, which also helps you limit your portion sizes.

Tip 3: Center your diet around produce, fish, soy, and brown rice

These foods are the core of the Japanese diet. You can see how incredibly different it is from the typical American diet. However, if you start shifting your diet this way, you will find that you stay full longer and enjoy better health. On top of that, weight loss is almost inevitable when you base your diet on a set of healthy foods.

Tip 4: Stop obsessing!

Seriously, stop thinking about every single thing you put in your mouth. The American obsession with dieting, exercise, and calories is very unhealthy. Shockingly, you don’t see this attitude in parts of the world where obesity is rarely seen.

Stop thinking about food as a treat, a reward, or the highlight of your day. Start thinking about it simply as the fuel your body needs for you to do the things you enjoy. This is a much healthier attitude, and you’ll naturally make better choices for your health.

Tip 5: Enjoy more fruit as a treat

Ending a too-large meal with a heavy, carbohydrate-loaded dessert is a guaranteed way to make you feel even worse about your dietary choices. Instead, start trying to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruit. Fruit is often used as a dessert in different parts of the world.

This trick helps you avoid unhealthy and fattening desserts, but it also gives you a chance to enjoy the many nutrients found in fruit.





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