5 Simple Exercises To Tighten Loose Arm

The loose skin on the upper arms as a cosmetic issue can affect both women and men. It usually sags due to aging or physical inactivity. Therefore, you can tighten it by regularly doing some exercises which target the triceps muscle.

As soon as you form the triceps, the sagging skin will align with the arm muscles and reduce in appearance.  The following 5 exercises will tighten the flabby arm skin:

Push up

Start in a push-up position, on the toes, align the body with the head, your hands under the shoulders. Then, bend the elbows to lower close to the floor, and then bend them backwards at 90 degrees at the bottom position.

Keep the body straight, all the time, and when pressed back, your arms should be completely extended.

Triceps Dips

Glide the butt off the bench front while stretching out the legs in front of your body. The arms should be straight and hold the bench with the hands apart at a shoulder width.

Then, lower the body and bend the elbows in order to make a 90-degree angle, while keeping the back close to the bench. When your body touches the floor, you should again straighten the arms and return to the initial position. This is one repetition.

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