5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Knew About Your Body: Breasts and Nipples!!!!

Men and women both have a different body but are common in some things like the nipples present on the breast and chest of men. But, it is always seen that women are always at the centre of attraction due to sexuality, fashion etc. we can say that has made a tradition about women i.e. not only now but from ages it is been under discussion.

Women have nipples for the function of breast feeding of milk to their infants. Now, many have a question in their mind that both men and women have nipples than why do men don’t breast feed? It’s funny but when we see scientifically its correct because both have nipples then why is it that only the women feed. It is true that, even men contain with mammary glands but its only women who breast feed.

Are you aware of your body? -In fact about the nipples. Yes, nipples are produced in the womb of mother itself but have you ever tried to know much more answers about your body? It’s amazing and interesting;

Nipple develops in the womb

  • Instead all women only do the work of breast feeding than why even men have nipples?
  • The reason is that even though let the female breast feed, but the body starts developing the nipples from the period when it is in the stage of embryo.
  • When the male embryo is chosen by the testosterone for the development inside the fetus- it completes an important work of blocking the development of all the female ducts and by this method the male get the production of nipples but don’t get the properties as the female does have.
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