6 Best Exercises For Tight And Lifted Butt From Fitness Star Amanda Lee

Our butt contains three main muscles: gluteus minimus, the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. They all work together to help us move our legs in all directions.


“You’re using your glute muscles, every time you take a step,” explains Amanda. “Because of this we have glutes. Their work is to allow us to move, run, walk and squat. You’re working your rear end all the time.”

As you can see walking is great for the glutes. For maximum effect, if you’re walking outside try to walk on some hills, or if you’re on a treadmill use the incline. Just make sure to keep your back from banging forward.

Amanda didn’t always had a fit body. In her teenage years, she was skinny and had only 44 kilograms. She was trying to improve his physique, she became active and started with healthy diet. Nowadays she is a fitness idol of many girls around the world.

Here are the best 6 exercises for tighten and lifting the butt that she suggest for you:

1. Squat Side Kick- 25 reps


2. Glute Bridge – 25 reps




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