8 Common Skin Problems in Men and How to Treat Them Naturally

Men’s skin differs from women’s skin. The skin of men is thicker than that of women for about 30 percent, which contributes to the fact that men age later than women. However, even though later, when men’s skin ages, it happens suddenly and the wrinkles are deeper.1

Men’s skin is more resistant and stronger because it contains more collagen, but also more oil, and its pilous system is more superior. In men, the oil glands are double the number of oil glands in women’s skin and they discharge five times more secretion than those in women.

  • daily shaving

One of the key problems that affect men and their skin is actually a result of the daily shaving, since it makes the skin dehydrated because of the continual aggression. The shaving also has negative impact on the skin because it affects the skin in a bad manner. These negative impacts can result in red bumps that can have a small dot of pus at the tip. Nevertheless, you can get rid of them my using skin care recipes, some of them being soaking the affected area in a tub that contains diluted white vinegar or Clorox bleach also diluted to a great extent in a tub full of water.

  • razor burn

Razor burns occur during shaving and it is usually a result of lack of lubrication. It also happens mostly to men who shave very often. When this happens, you should use a cold compress to sooth the skin and cool the burning sensation, or you can wrap ice cubes in a thin towel and then hold it onto the area affected.

  • sunburns

Men, just like women, can often have sunburns. These look red, but not blistered. However, there are numerous natural cures that can help you solve this problem, and one of them, maybe the simplest, is to soak the face in buttermilk. This method is completely harmless.

  • rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disease caused by an inflammation which causes the skin to look red or pink. This occurs because the blood vessels weaken and there are tiny red bumps that appear, which can even contain pus or cysts. You can treat rosacea naturally, you just need to dilute some white vinegar and then wash and cleanse your face with this regularly. You can also use green tea to this end.

  • stretch marks

Men can also deal with stretch marks, usually in the area of the flanks and the armpits. These are in fact scars but under the skin. You can get rid of them in several ways, by using castor oil, white eggs, Aloe Vera and so forth.

  • groin rash

This is a skin ailment that makes the skin around the groin become itchy and red. You can treat this in home conditions by using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has the ability to lower the itchiness and the redness.

  • athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by fungi. It usually affects the sole of the foot and it is transmittable. It causes itchiness, skin peeling, redness and it also causes uncomfortable feeling. You can solve this by preparing a tea of four ounces of oregano leaves and then soak the feet in it.

  • acne

This is a skin condition that usually lasts for a longer period. It can be treated in a natural way by tea tree oil, green tea extract, alpha hydroxyl acid and Aloe Vera, since these ingredients are all great for reducing inflammations and breakouts.

Men, just like women, face some skin problems, but those problems can be cured naturally. Men just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which means maintaining their skin healthy too.


Source: http://tdhealthyfood.com/


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