The brain needs oxygen and blood in order to function properly. When a blood vessels leading to the brain is obstructed, it may start to bleed and cause a stroke. There are two types of stroke – hemorrhagic and ischemic. Bothtypes can be fatal, but their early symptoms are often ignored. Strokes sit on the 5th place of the leading death causes in the USA, which is why it’s important to learn how to recognize them on time. Here are the top early symptoms of a stroke:

Headaches and migraines

Although they could be a benign condition, constant painful headaches and migraines can also be signs of an impending stroke. If you’re experiencing them more often than before, you should see a doctor to rule out anything serious.


A sudden onset of fatigue which lasts for a longer period may be a sign of stroke. It is a commonly overlooked symptom which needs to be taken more seriously.

The American Stroke Association suggests learning the FAST acronym to recognize the symptoms of stroke: FAST stands for:

F – face drooping on one side;

A – arm numbness;

S – speaking difficulties. When a stroke occurs, you may feel like you’re speaking normally, but if someone tells you that you’re speaking garbled, you need to get to the hospital immediately!

T – timing is very important for strokes. If you notice any of the symptoms, get medical help immediately in order to prevent brain damage.

Here are other stroke symptoms you should look out for:

Vision problems in one eye only

If you’re having vision problems in one of your eyes, you might be having a stroke.

Brain fog and difficulty thinking

In cases of stroke, the brain is starved of oxygen and blood which results in confusion and being unable to speak clearly.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you need to act fast and call an ambulance as it could be the line between life and death!




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