A neuroscientist reveals how meth and Adderall are nearly identical


Neuroscientist Carl Hart has been researching the effects of various drugs for over 20 years.  For much of this time, he assumed that methamphetamine was as much more dangerous and addictive substance than dextroamphetamine (commonly known as Adderall®).  But after new studies and some personal experimentation, Hart is convinced the two are virtually identical when it comes to how they affect people.

In an article for Vice, Hart wrote about a study he was involved with, in which they brought 13 men, who were methamphetamine users, into their lab.

He states, “We gave each of them a hit of methamphetamine, of d-amphetamine [Adderall®], or of placebo on separate days under double-blind conditions. We repeated this many times with each person over several days and multiple doses of each drug.  Like d-amphetamine, methamphetamine increased our subjects’ energy and enhanced their ability to focus and concentrate; it also reduced subjective feelings of tiredness and the cognitive disruptions typically brought about by fatigue and/or sleep deprivation.”



Source: http://complete-health-and-happiness.com/a-neuroscientist-reveals-how-meth-and-adderall-are-nearly-identical/


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