After This You Will Never Ever Throw Away Coffee Grounds

There are many excellent ways on which you can use what’s left in the cup when you’ve drank this popular beverage – besides for augury.

There aren’t many people who don’t have any coffee on a shelf in their household. No matter if you’re enjoying its taste and smell or you just serve it to your guests, you must know this – coffee grounds can be used on many good ways in every household.

coffee grounds

  • It’s an excellent skin scrub

Coffee grounds are very efficient because of the fine granular texture of the coffee and you can also apply it on your face. You can also add a teaspoon of honey into the scrub.

  • It eliminates the dark rings under your eyes and puffiness

Put some coffee grounds on the dark rings under your eyes and leave it to rest. The caffeine in the grounds will make you look more awake and refreshed. The most effective creams for the zone around your eyes are precisely the ones with caffeine (caffeine increases your blood flow and in that way decreases the puffiness).

  • It removes the unpleasant smell out of your sneakers

Put some coffee grounds in a nylon foil and leave it inside your sneakers for some time. It will gather all of the unpleasant smells out of them.

  • It removes fleas from your dog

Add a teaspoon of coffee ground into your dog shampoo if your pet has fleas. It will definitely solve the problem.

  • It removes the unpleasant smells in your kitchen

Dry some coffee grounds and put it in a bowl and then into the fridge or freezer – it will neutralize the unpleasant smells. You can also rub your hands with it if they have an unpleasant smell of something, for example garlic.

  • You can use it as plant food

If you have plants like azaleas, hydrangeas or camellias which prefer acid soils, they will be grateful to you if you “treat” them with some remnants of your morning cup of coffee. The grounds add some nutrients into the compost. The grounds change the colour of hydrangeas from pink into blue.

  • It rejects spiders and insects

Put some grounds on the spots from where you want ants to disappear. It will make them go away and keep them as far as possible. Coffee also works in the same way on snails and different insects.

  • It works as a natural colour for materials

If you put some coffee grounds into hot water you can get brown colour for materials, paper etc.

  • It decreases the scratches from your furniture significantly

The scratches on your wooden furniture immediately disappear when you rub a little bit of coffee grounds mixed with some polishing paste and hot water. Repeat the procedure for so long until the scratch becomes the same colour as the surrounding surface.

  • Cleanser

Because of the fact that it’s abrasive, coffee is excellent in cleaning greasy and dirty surfaces. Use it by itself or in combination with a little bit of dish washing detergent.

  • It rejects your pet

In order to prevent your cat to “occupy” your whole garden as its personal room, pour some coffee grounds mixed with orange crust around the plants that you don’t want it to touch.

  • Increase the crop of carrots that you plant

If you mix some fresh coffee grounds with the fine carrot seeds during planting, you will have a better crop which will help you also to reject different types of worms which attack your carrots.

  • It holds dust

Before you start cleaning the fireplace, throw some coffee grounds over the ashes to prevent the dust spreading in your home.

  • It decreases cellulite

No, we’re not kidding! Read the following recipe which will truly help you to decrease the cellulite layers, after which your skin will be softer and smoother.

If you take a better look, you will see that numerous creams on the market that are intended to fight cellulite contain caffeine. That certainly isn’t a coincidence because it increases the blood flow and in that way decreases the fat cells under your skin.

Vicky DeRosa, a founder of the health online club “V Well Health” with headquarters in New Jersey, emphasizes that coffee is her first choice in the fight against cellulite.

She recommends this recipe to women for many years. Not only it decreases the ugly layers, but your skin becomes softer and smoother because you also make a scrub out of that mixture.

coffee grounds-


  • Coffee scrub (one day old)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • Bath towel glove


  1. Mix the cup of coffee scrub, olive oil and salt into a big bowl. Put enough oil so that you can acquire a thick paste. Add the salt depending if you want a rougher or more gently scrub mixture. Our recommendation is only a teaspoon of salt.
  1. Apply the mixture with a bath towel glove on your legs, butt and hips about 35 minutes before showering (you can actually apply it on all body parts and you will notice the fantastic result after only a week of using it).
  1. When you cover yourself with the mixture, wrap yourself in a towel and keep the mixture on your body for half an hour.
  1. Rinse with hot water. To people who have a habit of showering two or three times a day, Vicky advises them to decrease the temperature of the water when showering. Showering with very hot water will dry your skin.

The scrub is good for your skin in any case, so why don’t you try this recipe and fight against cellulite at the same time.

It’s definitely worthy to try!



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