After You Do This, You’ll Never Have Problems With Cracked Heels, Corns And Calluses

When you have problems with your skin, it is more than just an asthetic issue. Many people have to deal with different skin problems, among which are cracked heels. In some cases they are just a cosmetic issue, while in others they can be very painful as well. Beside being an asthetic issue, cracked heel can cause severe pain when walking.


Dry skin and thick cellus on the heels that has yellow or dark brown color are the main symptoms of cracked heels. This skin condition can also cause redness, inflammation, peeling of the skin and itching. If you notice such symptoms, solve this problem as soon as possible in order to prevent deeper cracks, bleeding and pain.

There are so many factors that cause cracked heels and some of them are: wearing uncomfortable shoes, prolonged standing on hard floors, dry air, lack of moisture, improper foot care, aging and unhealthy diet. However, this condition can also be caused by some other medical conditions such as thyroid problems, psoriasis, diabetes and eczema.


Fortunately, we will present you a simple homemade remedy that will help you eliminate the problem with cracked heels, calluses and corns, and in lass than 2 weeks you will notice the results.


In order to prepare this remedy you will need 10 aspirins and 250 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. First, crush the aspirins into powder and mix the powder with 250 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. Then pour the solution in a small glass bottle and leave it 1-2 days.

Before using the remedy, shake the bottle. You should apply this remedy on your heel before going to bed. Just pour small amount on cotton ball or gauze, apply it to the affected areas, wrap the heel with plastic foil and put the sock on.

Allow this mixture to stay over the night and rinse it off the next morning.

After this procedure, you should apply greasy cream or some glycerin on your feet. Make sure to make peeling before applying the cream.

After only 10 to 15 treatments, your feet will be soft again.

This remedy is also very beneficial when it come to varicose veins. You can apply this miraculous remedy on painful varicose veins, and it will reduce the pain just after the first few treatments.



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