Amazing Story… A Man Uses Baking Soda To Beat Stage 4 Cancer

We give you the story of a lucky man who succeeded to beat stage 4 cancer. Baking soda was his only weapon. Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.

He was left with no other option but chemo. The drugs were supposed to destroy his cancer, but he was told that his healthy tissues shall be effected as well.

Chemotherapy is an aggressive anticancer therapy. It may be effective, but the patient ends up drained of energy and unable to fight even a mild cold due to the weakened immune system. There was no guarantee for Vernon’s advanced cancer to be cured.

Chemotherapies cannot do miracles. At this point, Vernon decided to take the matter in his hands. His brother advised him to pay more attention to his overly acidic body. Vernon was encouraged to convert his body into an alkaline machine, and thus prevent the growth of cancer. Cesium chloride was the miracle he needed.

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