Boiled corn: Seven Reasons Why It Is An Excellent Food

Maize is a food that can be prepared in many ways. In addition to flour as an integral part of various kinds of dough this yellow fruit is an essential part of stews, salads and sauces. But, except its pleasant and mild flavor, also corn has very rich nutritional properties.

A cup of cooked corn contains only 124 calories, which means that this food can be a great ally in the battle against excess weight.

Corn does not contain cholesterol and is very low in saturated fat. It contains large amounts of iron and fiber, folic acid and vitamin C, B6, and B9. Cooked corn contains a very small amount of salt.

Benefits for health

  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body
  • It controls diabetes and hypertension
  • Reduces the possibility of returning hemorrhoids
  • Regulates digestion
  • Strengthens bones
  • It acts positively on skin and eyesight
  • Corn is the perfect for various dishes and salads.source:healthybiofood


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