Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain “Bull Urine & Semen”?

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Apparently, Longhorn Steers Organization has led a study that stunned the world. As per their specialists, caffeinated drinks contain a fixing which is estracted from bull semen and pee. They assert that they have tried a portion of the top rated caffeinated drink brands, including Red Bull, Creature, and a few others.

The fixing Taurine is named by the Latin word Taurus, which signifies “bull”. In 1827, Taurine was initially disconnected from bull bile by the German researchers Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelin. They have classified it as an amino corrosive which does not have a carboxyl gathering. Taurine is typically found in bull’s pee, semen, and livers.

Unpleasant yet conceivably genuine, Taurine is the most widely recognized fixing in all caffeinated drinks and is a result of bull testicles.

In the accompanying video, you will fume extraction of Taurine from the bulls. This video createdone worker of the organization who gives heaps of caffeinated beverage organizations with this fixing. It was coincidentally made open, illuminating the mystery that the organization was keeping for a considerable length of time. The worker was terminated for abusing organization approach in the same minute.

In any case, the caffeinated drink brands said above case that the Taurine they utilize is delivered artificially by pharmaceutical organizations.

Reality? It’s dependent upon you to choose.


Source: http://www.mycentralhealth.com/know-energy-drinks-contain-bull-urine-semen-2/


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