Do This At Least Once A Week And Your Face Will Look 10 Years Younger!

It is ok to say that you are irritated by the wrinkles all over your face? Would you like to look more youthful and get rid of them in a period of a week? This article will introduce you to one such cure that has been utilized by Japanese ladies since long time ago. The mystery fixing in it is rice.


The silvery white grain (rice), shockingly has numerous medical advantages, particularly for the skin. It can make it smooth and clear, expel the dim spots and enhance the appearance. Linoleic acid is what makes rice an effective cancer prevention agent that can support collagen creation in the cells, lessening your wrinkles and enhancing your appearance.

Also squalene found in rice can protect from sun rays and will rejuvenate the skin. Below we give you the amazing rice remedy:


  • 3 tbsp. of rice
  • 1 tbsp. of milk
  • 1 tbsp. of organic honey
  • cup of water

How to prepare:

Heat up the water and boil the rice on medium heat. After boiling the rice put it aside to chill off and strain it. Include the milk and honey and blend well. When ready and mixed well the face mask is done, apply it all over your face, and wait for 15 minutes before washing your face with water.

Repeat the treatment at least once every week for best results. This natural homemade face mask will make you look 10 years youthful on account on its cell reinforcements and mending properties which will feed the skin and enhance the blood flow.





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