Do You Know What Happens If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil?!

It turned out that the simple ordinary foil is suitable not only for cooking in the oven, but can be also found helpful in treating many diseases.

If you are tortured by neck, back, shoulders or knees pain, you can put some foil on the sore spot. To your surprise, the pain will disappear after a while.
The point is that bioflows that run through our body in the biologically active point, reflect and turn back to the meridian, from where they came from.
This has a very beneficial effect on the affected organ, with which this meridian is connected. It’s an easy way to get rid of the pain that you are quite tired from. This interesting way of treatment has long been practiced by Chinese and Russian healers, and is described in the works of psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, Freud’s student.
Take the ordinary aluminum foil, place it on the sore spot and attach well. (E.g. with a patch)
This treatment with foil is used in all types of pain: neck pain (cervical osteochondrosis ), back pain, arms and legs pain, joints pain, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
In the same manner are treated even postoperative scars after surgery. Good results are achieved in the treatment of gout as well.

Chinese healers, recommend this therapy in the course of 10-12 days. Every day they attach foil on the sore spot and keep all day or night. After the period of 10-12 days, make a pause of 1-2 weeks and if necessary repeat the treatment.
Aluminum foil has anti-inflammatory effects. With its help you can successfully treat cold. For that it is necessary to wrap your foot with foil in 5-7 layers, and place a cotton cloth between each layer. After, take them off and put again after 2 hours. Make a pause again and put the foil for the third time. Make this treatment for 1 week.
How foil acts on this or that disease, nobody knows for sure, and there are mixed opinions. Someone explains it on scientific way, while other says it is because of bioenergy.

So next time you are experiencing neck, shoulders, arms or legs, or maybe joints pain, don’t hesitate to use aluminum foil!


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