Even Doctors Are In Shock – Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer By 93%

Latest stats show that colon cancer is the most common cancer these days in the world and is the same for both men and women. This awful issue takes lives every year and even modern medicine cannot find the cure. But a group of experts made an amazing study that left them all in shock. They said coconut oil can kill cancer cells by 93% after 2 days.

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They conducted this in Adelaide University, Australia and said the lauric acid or 50% of the coconut kills those 93% sick cells for colon cancer. After 2 days they are gone! This involved in vitro study in petri dishes and in vivo with rats. Both had the same outcome. This study claimed that this acid kills cancer when it makes oxidative stress. This makes the glutathione lower and cancer depends on this.

The real issue comes when this study is too costly and not appealing for sponsorships. Natural cures are never patented, nature is not for profit! Pharmaceuticals have no concern for free medicines, just profits of people.


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