FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

According to the Associated Press, FDA finally admitted that chicken meat contains inorganic arsenic.

It has long been kept as a secret, but now the FDA finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the supermarkets is positive to arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic chemical which is known to have cancer-causing properties, and when taken in high doses it can be fatal.


The problem, in fact, is the origin of the arsenic which is added to the chicken meat we consume.

Arsenic is intentionally mixed with the chicken food. More than 70% chickens are fed in arsenic in order to stimulate faster growth on less food, and it also gives healthy color of chicken, turkey and hog meat, according to IATP`s report in 2006, called Playing Chicken.

According to FDA findings, half of the tested chickens had inorganic arsenic in their liver, and this it the most toxic form of this cancerous chemical.

Consequently, Pfizer was asked to stop the production of Roxarsone, a drug which contains toxic arsenic and which is added to chicken feed so that the meat looks fatter and has a nice pink color.


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