Flush dietary fat from your blood stream and lymphatic system by drinking diluted cranberry concentrate

Flush fat with cranberry concentrate

Cranberry juice is an excellent natural way to cleanse the whole body from toxins and impurities.

Cranberry juices labeled “100% juice” are sweetened with other fruit juices—such as apple, grape or cherry—instead of corn syrup. The beverages are not 100% cranberry juice but 100% juice blends.

Lakewood Organic Cranberry Concentrate – 12.5 oz
Cranberry cocktail is even worse. It’s loaded with refined white sugar or artificial sweeteners.

 Neither of these above are what you want if you wish to flush dietary fat from your bloodstream and lymphatic system. Look for organic pure cranberry concentrate or cranberry juice concentrate.
Here’s a rule of thumb when it comes to buying real cranberry concentrate: Cranberries are very tart. They are not naturally sweet. So if your bottle tastes sweet, it means some type of sugar is added in.

Lakewood Organic Cranberry Concentrate – 12.5 oz
Cranberry juice  contains a diuretic called arbutin, which is known for helping flush toxic fluids from the body. This helps to reduce bloat and excess water that is trapped within the body’s tissues.

A liver clogged with toxins, poisons, and excess fats cannot perform its fat-burning and other vital duties.

The liver becomes more efficient at using stored fat for fuel when the body is well hydrated. Diluted cranberry concentrate hydrates and can help eliminate water retention and cleanse accumulated wastes.

Cranberries are packed with flavonoids and organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid, and quinic acid which have an emulsifying effect on stubborn fat deposits in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system acts as the body’s “garbage collector” and transports various waste products not processed by the liver.

Just as lemon water is an great body flush, diluted cranberry concentrate is an even better systemic cleanser. You can also use tart cherry concentrate. The Knudsen’s “just” juices like Just Cranberry or Just Tart Cherry, preferably organic, are good though they are not as concentrated.

Cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and salicylic acid. In terms of minerals, it contains calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and zinc. It also contains vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, E (alpha tocopherol) and vitamin K (phylloquinone).


Drink this fat flushing tonic first thing in the morning, then several times during the day, alternating with water.

Flush Fat with Cranberry Concentrate

How to Make:

1. Boil purified water

2. Add 1 tablespoon of concentrate

3. Enjoy!


Source: http://livingtraditionally.com/flush-fat-with-cranberry-concentrate/


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