Unfortunately, cockroaches are an everyday problem, and they appear unexpectedly and are very difficult to eliminate. You can choose from the many products on the market, but these contain some extremely harmful chemicals that will destroy the cockroaches but leave the unpleasant smell in your home and endanger your health and the health of your pets.

Today we offer you a safe way to eliminate them and make sure they will not be coming back to your house soon and cause problems for your family.

You need the yolk of a raw egg, mix in 50 g (1.7 oz) of the boric acid powder and stir in order to make a thick mixture. Then make small balls of this mixture, let it be treated for an hour and place them throughout your house in the corners and visible places, kitchen furniture, shelves, cupboards, especially in the bathroom and your kitchen.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

If you can not find boric acid powder, you can buy a 3% solution of a boric acid at the nearest pharmacy, combine 100 mK of it with a raw egg yolk and add a little flour. The mixture will have the same effect as the original recipe.

The cockroaches will be out of curiosity, they will approach the bowls and touch them with the mustache.
The boracic acid ball can neutralize the cockroach. an increasing range of cockroaches will approach the balls. Initially, you will even assume that this simple trick didn’t bring results, however after a number of weeks, you’ll clean a large range of dead insects, and at last, they will disappear completely.

t is likely that female cockroaches may have hatched eggs and there will be a new generation of cockroaches. So, if you need it, do the same procedure after 6 months.

On the other hand, do not worry about the boric acid balls around your house, as they are completely safe for your family, cats, and dogs.

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