It is about the nail-formed crescent which is of extraordinary importance and you don’t know about it!

This white spot around your nails plays a critical part of the structure of the nail, and must not be harmed. It is known as the lunula (Latin for “little moon”).


The white shade of the “half-moon” is clear in light of the fact that the fifth basal layer of the epidermis is “concealing” the veins situated underneath. It is most visible on the thumbs, yet not every lunula is noticeable.

The fingernail skin (cuticles) is thickened by a layer of skin encompassing the nails on your feet and hands and can be mostly or totally covering the lunula.

Lunula is really the instantly recognizable part of the nail root and ought not to be harmed at all, in the event that you harm it, your whole nail will be disfigured.

In alternative medicine it is thought that the lunula can uncover some imperative data about your general wellbeing.