How To Remove All Toxins From Your Body In 3 Days (Plus Prevent Cancer, Excess Fat And Water Retention!)

Once you start to feel tired and sluggish, you should know that it is a time to detoxify your body.

Poor diet, stress and environment pollutants are the things that accumulate in your over time and often cause severe ailments and reduced energy levels. Even inflammation and obesity could be result of the accumulated toxins in your body.


If you like your body to function properly you should cleanse it with a full detox which will purify your digestive tract and lymph nodes. The detox process should be done once in every year.

Before the Cleanse…

Don’t eat dairy foods for 4-5 days before the cleansing process because they include antibiotics and hormones that are hard to digest.

Unnatural growth hormone that raises milk production is called recombinant bovine somatotropin. Although it is disallowed in Canada and numerous countries in Europe, it is still used in USA.

Cut Back on Meat

You shouldn’t eat meat, fish and poultry while implementing the detox process.

The experts claim that consummation of 2 ounces of chicken which is equal of a third of a half of a boneless breast every day – exposes the person to 3-5 micrograms of inorganic arsenic. This is the most toxic form of this element.

The daily exposure to lower concentrations of arsenic has been related with bladder, skin and respiratory cancers.

Dioxin is very cancerous substance which is included in dairy, fish and meat. It harms the immune system and causes developmental and reproductive issues. It also disturbs the hormonal balance.

The animals from which we get the dairy products and the fishes are exposed to dioxin because the environment around them is polluted. This substance accumulates in their bodies. So, when we eat dairy products, fish or meat we consume this build up material in our body, which is confirmed with the fact that 95% of the dioxin exposure comes from these foods.

You should drink a cup of herbal laxatives which will help you to remove the waste from your intestines and give your body a head start in the cleansing process.

Don’t eat processed foods, meat, sugar, fish or dairy products while implementing your cleansing process.

Daily Routine…

  1. Consume two glasses of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach.

In this time your liver will be cleansed after your breakfast.

  1. Drink one and a half cups of pineapple juice together with your meal.

Pineapple includes enzymes that digest the proteins. They are known as a group Bromelain which degrades the proteins and enhance the absorption of collagen and proteins.

It will also diminish inflammation of the colon and aid in the fight against cancer.

  1. Consume 1-1.5 glasses of carrot juice among your breakfast and lunch

The carrot contains strong anti-cancer substance known as Falcarinol.

Raw carrots contain fiber that assists your body to remove the extra estrogen and other hormones. The carrots also contain high amounts of vitamin A which improves the condition of the mucus membranes in the digestive tract.

  1. Now you should blend celery, spinach, parsley and carrots and consume 1.5 cups of this drink along during your lunch.

Potassium is crucial for the communication between nerves and muscles. It is also very important in the transport of the nutrients towards the cells and the waste out of the cells. This means that potassium is vital for the detox process and proper nourish of your body.

Potassium also reduces the negative effects of sodium on the blood pressure.

This drink also contains high levels of manganese which is very beneficial for the connective tissue in our body, reduces blood clotting and improves the health of the bones.

This drink allows better calcium absorption, regulates blood sugar levels and carbohydrate levels in the metabolism.

You can also drink 1.5 cups of noni juice which will provide you with the same amount of potassium.

  1. Consume 1 cup of tummy-calming tea prepared of even parts of rose hips, ginger and peppermint, 1 hour before having your dinner

Rose hips will bolster your immune system because they include high concentrations of vitamin C. Rose hips are also capable of preventing osteoarthritis.

Peppermint is efficient substitution for conventional medications such as Buscopan which is used for treating colonic spasms.

Peppermint also boosts the gastric emptying in patients who suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders. This herb also reduces stress and pain.

Ginger stimulates the blood flow into the digestive tract, disables nausea and aids in digestion.

  1. Before sleeping, consume 340ml of cranberry juice
  2. Coli results with an infection in the urinary tract. The cranberry juice contains substances that disable the development of E. Coli.
  3. Pylori is a bacteria that thrives in the stomach and results with ulcers. The cranberry is capable of diminishing this bacteria as well.

This process should last for three consecutive days in order to complete the whole detox. You must have a clean diet during this process. Clear your thoughts and have a little rest during these three days.




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