DIY Natural Skin Tag Removal

Yes, you can completely remove that skin tag that’s been bothering you with without an invasive procedure that involves cutting. I have actually tried this twice and it worked, twice!

My friend shared her success story with me not too long ago:

“I read a few things online and thought I would try a different approach, while saving money at doctor’s office (I didn’t have insurance and it can be expensive). First, I tried nail polish and it gave me a rash. Then I tried the apple cider vinegar and the skin tag turned black and fell off 4 days later!”


  • Cut a small square of cotton pad and soak it in organic apple cider vinegar and secure it with either medical tape or a bandaid.
  • Protect surrounding area with vaseline.
  • Leave on for one full day and check, you may need to repeat with a fresh cotton pad for an extra 2-3 days* if necessary.
  • Once it is at the black/dark brown stage it is dead and you can stop using the vinegar and just wait for the tag to fall off.
  • Do not pick!
  • Aftercare: Use organic rose hip oil to reduce the redness and heal the skin after.

*If apple cider vinegar alone isn’t working use tea tree oil after swabbing with ACV — I had to use this method because my skin tag was a little stubborn. This is the exact brand I used: Natural Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil


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Onward and upward!

IMPORTANT: Please check with your doctor/dermatologist to make sure that the skin tag is of no concern before trying this home remedy.




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