How To Use Watermelon As A Medicine


We all love summer, but we love watermelon even more because not only is delicious and fresh, it is also extremely beneficial for our health, especially for athletes. The main reason why it is so important for athletes is because it contains an amin acid called L-citrulin  which reduces the time needed for muscle recovery after intense workouts.

According to the scientists from the University of Cartagena, Spain, fresh watermelon or fresh watermelon juice is the best solution for sensitive muscles and muscle pain. They claim that L-citrulin acid contained in the watermelon speeds up the eliminiation of excess lactic acid from the muscles.

If you exercise or workout, you will notice an itchy sensation and muscle tightening which is a result of the lactic acid. A study conducted on people that drank fresh watermelon juice before intense workouts discovered that this fruit is very beneficial.

Watermelon contains L-citrulin more than any other fruit. Only 120g of watermelon contain up to 150mg of L-citrulin. Moreover, watermelon contains vitamins C, B and A due to which it can stimulate the function of the kidneys, improve cardiovascular health and regulate high blood pressure.

Watermelon Seeds Are An Excellent Remedy For Kidney Stones

Most of the people spit out the watermelon seeds not knowing that they are also very beneficial.

For centuries now, Chinese medicine has been using watermelon seeds in the treatment of kidney stones. According to many experts, they are effective because they are rich in potassium and magnesium, known for their benefits in the fight against this unpleasant disease.

Watermelon is a great fruit to consume, especially during the summer days since it contains numerous vitamins and minerals which improve our health. Watermelon can be found in almost every country in the world.  It is low in calories.

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