If You Crush Aspirin And Rub It Into Your Hair, This Is What Happens. I Can’t Wait To Try This


You’ll find aspirin in almost every home and it’s primary purpose is to relieve general aches and pains. It has also been found that a daily dosage of aspirin significantly minimize the risk of heart attack among people with heart complications. It can also reduce blood clot formation in individuals who are susceptible to forming clots.

First obtained from the back of the willow tree, and used by Hippocrates (the father of medicine) to treat headaches in his patients, aspirin is among the world’s most widely used medications today. About 40,000 tons of the drug is consumed across the globe annually.

Besides pain relief, aspirin has other many benefits that most people may not be aware of. Here’s a look into other things you can do with aspirin.

Combat dandruff: Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which  is a potent moisturizing agent than can substantially reduce dandruff in your hair. After crushing 2-3 pills into a powder, mix them with your shampoo. Apply the enriched shampoo on your hair and leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off as usual.

Clear skin: The salicylic acid is also effective in removing dead skin and oils, unclogging pores,  and alleviating swelling and redness. Crush about 5 aspirin tablets. Mix the powder with a quarter cup of water. You can also add honey if desired. Leave it for 10 minutes after applying and then wash it off.

Remove sweat stains: It’s not easy to clean sweat stains out of clothes, but aspirin can be very effective. Prepare the skin paste as described above, without honey. Apply it on the stain and give it some minutes to act. Afterwards, rinse it off and wash your cloth normally.

Jump-start your car: In case your car battery dies on you, put at least two aspirin tablets per cell into the battery. The salicylic acid will react with the battery’s sulfuric acid, creating just enough charge to get you to the nearby service station.
Note: This trick can save you some trouble, but you should avoid doing it regularly as it can damage your battery. It should be done only during an emergency.

Protect your plants: Some salicylic acid is great for plants. Besides preventing mold, it also averts the production of ethylene gas that is associated with wilting. Put a powdered aspirin in the water that you  put your bouquets in. You should realize they last much longer.

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