You will provide your body with numerous health benefits if you include bananas in your regular diet. Without a doubt, the banana is the best food fruit there is. Besides being delicious, it is also a highly nutritious fruit.

Bananas are good for your body weight and give you energy, regulate blood sugar levels, improve your mood …

Bananas are rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose. Besides that, bananas also contain a huge amount of fiber. Two bananas a day will keep the doctors away.

Amazing Banana Facts:

  • Calories- 89
  • from fat -3
  • Total fat- 0
  • Saturated fat-0
  • Trans fat-0
  • Cholesterol-0
  • Sodium-1 mg
  • Carbs- 23 g
  • Fiber- 3g
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Calcium- 1%
  • Iron- 1%

 Eat two bananas before strenuous exercise in order to have more energy and to maintain blood sugar levels.

Nutritional value (100 g) (1 medium size banana = 105 calories)

  • Calories – 89
  • Sugar — 12 grams
  • Omega 3 — 27.0 mg
  • Vitamin A — 3%
  • Vitamin B – 35%
  • Vitamin C – 33%
  • Potassium — 12%

Even though you may think that apples and oranges are the most purchased fruits in the USA, statistics show different results. Bananas are the most consumed fruit. You should know that riper bananas are way better than green bananas. We recommend you to buy the brownish ones or the ones who have spots on them.

Brown bananas are avoided by majority of people even though they are the healthiest! Brown bananas contain a big amount of TNF.

What is TNF?

The riper the banana is, the more TNF it contains. Besides fighting against bad cells, TNF is also able to fight against cancer successfully.

The TNF that the banana contains also promotes good links between the cells in the body. Besides that, the TNF makes the cells move toward any inflamed area inside.

According to one recent study, with the consumption of riper bananas that contain TNFyou are able to slow down tumor growth and even stop it by creating apoptosis cell death. This means that the bananas are rich in antioxidants.

Besides boosting the white blood cells, they are also making our immune system stronger. You will provide your body with great health benefits and energy if you just consume brown bananas instead of the green ones.

Reasons Why You Should Consume More Bananas:

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