If You Ever Wonder How Animals Will Look Without Necks…LOL

Neck is an important and beautiful addition in the body. It is not just a mere support. You will know what we are saying after seeing this post.

Animals without necks is funny but baby hippos without necks is adorable!

This little duck

Giraffe without a neck is a totally different animal

Pitbull looking scary as ever with no neck

Tiny fox gets even thinner

An elephant with no neck looks like his head is stuck you know where

This Cheetah

Baby Sheep is sooo cute

A lioness still looks fierce


Meerkat looking at the world

Funny AF Zebra

A donkey looks pretty much the same

Cow without a neck looks the same from both sides

honestly, watching all these weird animals without necks was worth it just because of this cuty!

Horse doesn’t look pleased with his new situation

This is just too much cute for me

Polar bear just walking around

Ears much?

Looks like a rat

He looks tough right?

Don’t get me started


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