Improve Your Digestion By Avoiding These 3 Habits While Having A Meal

Improve Your Digestion By Avoiding These 3 Habits While Having A Meal

Generally, food coma refers to a state of sluggishness and sleepiness that comes on shortly after eating a large or heavy meal. However, if you practise healthy diet and do not overeat yourself and still feel bloated and sluggish after each meal, than that is a sign that you need to change some of your diet habits. Here is a list of top 3 habits that you should avoid while eating:

Drinking ice cold water during the meal- drinking ice-cold water constricts the blood vessels impeding the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also, it freezes fats which makes them hard to digest. Plus, your body will use the energy to regulate the temperature instead of digesting the food. Therefore, you should drink warm water with lemon, or green tea before meal, and sip slowly for proper digestion.

Eating a lot of starch and protein together- meals combined with proteins and starch such as meat and potatoes, burger and fries lead do indigestion and acid reflux because proteins are digested slowly, while starches digest faster than simple sugars. In this case proteins and starches are mashed together in the stomach so that the starches stay for hours in the stomach until all the proteins are digested. This causes starches to ferment and release gases that make us belch. Therefore, try to eat starch and proteins separately. You can combine starch with vegetables.

Drinking a lot of water- this habit causes indigestion and bloating. This is so because when the food enters stomach, hydrochloric acid is secreted from the stomach to digest the food and to break it down into smaller pieces. By drinking water you dilute this acid and obstruct the whole process. Therefore, you should consume water 1 hour before and after meal.



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