It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer! You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About!

People who live in cities and urban areas in general have a far higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who live in rural areas. The air we breathe is of vital importance, and is also a major factor for lung cancer. The air we breathe is full of smoke, smog and environmental toxins that can cause serious diseases.

Mine workers are also at an exposed risk. The air in the shafts is usually thicker and contains more oxygen, which makes it hard to breather and creates additional problems. Oxygen is required by the body for almost all processes, but too much of it won’t be good for your health. Oxidation is a metabolic process in which the body releases free radicals that cause cancer. Free radicals are very harmful and can cause numerous serious health problems – they can damage your DNA, mutate cells and are considered the main cause of cancer.

In order to reduce the risk of lung cancer, you should live in areas above sea level and spend more time outside in the country where the air is not polluted. The thinner the air, the easier you’ll breathe. According to recent studies, the risk of lung cancer decreases on 1000 m. of altitude, so maybe it’s time to ditch the city and think of your health.







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