Japanese method to heal your organs – it’ll take you only 5 minutes!

If you believe in alternative medicine than you’ll be amazed on what Japanese people believe – every finger on your hands is connected to two organs in your body!

If you perform this method you’ll get the results in just few minutes. Also please note that this method is know across the whole world and many people practice it.

This ancient method of healing that we’ll introduce you is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu. This will help you to balance the emotions by stimulating some certain points in your hand. This healing method that you need to practice is believed to be balance between the body energy and the organs by stimulation of some essential points on the fingers.

To be more specific you’ll need to grasp the finger tightly and hold it for the next 3-5 minutes. While holding the finger you’ll need to be calm and to breathe slowly and deeply. When the time is up release the finger and gently massage the rest of the fingers on your both hands. While doing this you’ll target the organ that you want to heal!

This will take you just 3 to 5 minutes and nothing more!

Also beside that the organs are connected to the fingers they are connected to your emotions too. Here we’ll explain everything.


Which organs: stomach and spleen

Which emotions: anxiety and depression

Which physical symptoms: skin issues, eadaches, skin issues, stomachache, nervousness

Index finger

Which organs: urinary bladder and kidneys

Which emotions: fear, confusion, discontent

Which physical symptoms: muscle pain, digestion issues, back pain, tootache

Middle finger

Which organs: gallbladder and liver

Which emotions: rage, irritability, indetermination

Which physical symptoms: frontal headaches, circulation issues, menstrual pain, tiredness, migraines

Ring finger

Which organs: large intestine and lungs

Which emotions: pessimism, fear, sadness

Which physical symptoms: digestion issues, skin conditions, asthma and other respiratory problems

Little finger

Which organs: small intestine and heart

Which emotions: nervousness, anxiety and lack of self-confidence

Which physical symptoms: bone issues, heart disease, pain in the throat

So, if you experience or have any health issues that is connected to some of these organs please try to use this Japanese method and you’ll experience its benefits – its simple and free!



Source: http://healthyhouseguru.com/japanese-method-to-heal-your-organs-itll-take-you-only-5-minutes/


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