Keep Yourself Away From This Oil: It’s More Dangerous Than Sugar!

Usually, people believe that soybean oil is healthy and proper substitution for majority of the foods, but they are wrong because they don’t know some disturbing facts about this oil. Avoid this oil because it is more harmful than sugar and can inflict more damage than good.


This oil is made from soybeans, but the manufacturers don’t tell you that this ingredient has a poisonous nature. The soybeans are heavily processed before they become edible.


People who intake soy in high amounts are prone to produce more steroid hormones and they are especially vulnerable from Alzheimer’s disease. This oil could contribute to early puberty in girls and delayed physical maturation in boys.

You should know that most of the soy products in the markets today are GMO and you cannot avoid them if you consume soy products regularly.

Changing the mother’s milk for soy milk is unacceptable and dangerous. Mothers mustn’t feed their babies with soy milk.

But, the large soy industry will never acknowledge these facts.



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