Lose 12 Kg In Only 2 Weeks With This Perfect DIET!

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A lot of people fight excess weight, and often without success. Although many diet plans promise results, the key to successful weight loss is the food you eat.

Below we recommend a dietary regimen with extremely fast efficacy. It uses lemon as its primary ingredient. Lemon has some powerful fat-burning properties.

Incorporate this diet plan into your regular eating regimen and reduce your weight in two weeks

7-Day Diet Plan

Day 1

You should squeeze one lemon and mix the juice with a glass of water. Drink it 3 times a day with your meals.

Day 2

You should squeeze 2 lemons and mix the juice with 50 ml of water. Then, divide the mixture into 2 doses. Drink one dose in the morning before breakfast and the other one after dinner or before going to bed.

Day 3

You should repeat the procedure from the first day.

Day 4

Repeat the procedure from day 2.

Day 5

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