Natural Antibiotic That Cures Kidneys, Bladder And Urinary Tract Infection!

The urinary tract infection symptoms are pretty painful and persistent: the urge and the failing to urinate and the feeling of pressure can be very unpleasing.1

Even when you do manage to urinate, you experience pain. Fortunately, there are some natural antibiotics that can help releasing the inflammation of the bladder.

20% of the women have troubles with bladder infections and infections caused by Escherichia coli every year.

Most frequently the infection passes by itself, but when you get symptoms of cystitis you will have to ask for the doctor’s advice.

These symptoms are constant urge for urinating, at a short period of 10 minutes, a feeling of burning during urinating, blood traces in the urine, fever, as well as pain in the back.

Here are some of the best and the most effective natural antibiotics that will release you from these symptoms even after the first treatment.


  • 2 dl of olive oil
  • 250 g of lemon peel
  • 250 g of parsley root
  • 250 g of honey


Put the small chopped pieces of parsley root in a blender and add the lemon peel, the honey and the olive oil. Mix until everything dissolves in a homogenous mixture, which you should keep in the refrigerator.

The way to consume:

Take one tablespoon of this mixture every morning.

Please note:

Make sure the honey is raw and natural and the lemon is pesticide-free. The parsley root should be washed well before use.

What else can you do to improve the health status of both the bladder and urinary tract?

– Drink water in great amounts.

Even if it is not a specific medicine, drinking lots of water can have very beneficial effect on your bladder health as some medicines have. You will get rid of bacteria and you’ll be able to urinate whenever you feel the urge to. The lower limit should be 8 glasses daily.

  • go to the toilet and perform your physiological needs frequently

Empty your bladder regularly, because urine retention causes quick reproducing of bacteria. By emptying your bladder, you release the bacteria and you lower the chances of infection.

  • consume parsley tea

It is one of the most powerful diuretics. Parsley tea will help you stay refreshed and healthy. It helps in preventing infections of the urinary tract. Take 250 ml of water, boil it and add 2 teaspoons of dried parsley in it. Let it stay 10 minutes and then you can drink it.

  • eat cucumber

One of the best vegetables that cleans the bladder because of the amounts of water it contains. The amount of liquids is useful for getting rid of the bacteria in the urinary tract.

  • consume cranberry juice, or tea in case your stomach is too sensitive

Cranberry juice helps in treating urinary tract infections, but also in preventing them. Take 2 glasses of this juice every day, but use it without any sweeteners.

Additional tips:

Ingredients that help the invading of the urinary tract with bacteria and that you should avoid are caffeine and chocolate.




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