Natural Shampoo With Baking Soda That Will Help Your Hair Grow Like CRAZY!

Did you know that the baking soda has various benefits that can help and aid your health as well as your beauty?

The baking soda can help you also in your home with cleaning surfaces but one thing that you don’t know is that the baking soda can help you improve the quality of your hair! In this article we’ll try to show you one great recipe that will make your hair shiny and the growth process will be improved. This remedy is to be used as shampoo which will clean your scalp deep enough.

To prepare it you’ll need one small plastic bottle and you need to pour three parts of water in it and one part baking soda. Shake it well. You need to put this shampoo on your hair weather it is dry or wet and let it stay for couple of minutes but no more than three. Afterwards rinse it with lukewarm water. When you are done with this please mix four parts of water with one part of apple cider vinegar. You need to add couple of drops of lavender essential oil in this mixture just to block the smell of the vinegar and rinse your hair with this mixture. Please take care of your eyes and don’t let any of the mixtures get in touch with them.

This shampoo will not foam like the other shampoos but the effects that you’ll experience will not match any other hair shampoo. Please share your results with us and the rest of our readers!





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