Do you want to lose those extra few pounds on your waist fast? Do you need a fast energy and immune or health booster? This simple and easy recipe works on your strength, immune system and it makes those extra few pounds disappear in only a week.

All you need is 3 heads of garlic and one cup of raw honey.

Peel the heads and separate them into cloves. Put the cloves in a wooden bowl and crush them. After liquid starts to release, put them in a jar and add the honey in it. Allow the ingredients to infuse for several days at room temperature.

This mixture will do magic to your body. Here’s why:

On one hand, garlic has always been thought to be a very powerful antibiotic since it kills a significant number of bacteria. Thus, it boosts the immune system and it is a natural ingredient for detoxification. It helps in elimination of waste materials and fat from your waist. Therefore, garlic is considered an excellent remedy for getting rid of those extra pounds. Allicin found in garlic helps in fighting against high cholesterol levels, balances blood pressure and is considered to be anti-cancerous.

Raw honey, on the other hand, contains enzymes and minerals that are energy and health boosters. Its nutritional properties makes it a best ingredient while fighting colds and illnesses. It is very important, however, to use raw honey since high temperature exposure kills a significant part of the nutritional value.

If you need more energy take a spoonful of this mixture first thing in the morning and you’ll notice the results the same day. You can also add it to your morning smoothie if you don’t like the taste of garlic in it. If you add lemon juice in it, you can use this mixture as an tasty dressing to your favorite salad. When you try this, you’ll forget about the dull vinegar and oil salad dressing.


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