Thanks to its oil, which is extracted from wild oregano through a special process in order to preserve all its properties, this herb is greatly appreciated.

There are over 40 different types of oregano, but culinary use Origanum Vulgare. However, Origanum Minutiflorum is considered the most healing type of oregano, containing up to 90% active ingredient healing called carvacrol.

Since long time ago oregano oil was popular and was used for treating infections, healing wounds, soothing snake bites and treating respiratory symptoms.

Carvacrol is the most efficient ingredient consisted in oregano oil. It is an ingredient which has strong antibacterial effects. The oil of oregano is effective against 25 different bacteria, mostly against most bacteria that cause infections of the bowel and urinary tract infections, cholera, typhoid, ulcers and skin infections.

Besides destroying bacteria, oregano oil also possesses very strong antiviral properties.

Acts against cancer

Oregano oil can be a part of the therapies for treating cancer. Scientists have tested the effect of carvacrol on cells from prostate cancer. Oregano oil has shown positive results in the destruction of cancer cells.

Prevents allergies

Thanks to rosemary acid, which is contained in oregano oil and is strong and powerful antioxidant, it has the ability to prevent countless allergies, bronchial asthma, rheumatic arthritis and gingivitis. Only inhalation of oregano oil can help against allergy.

Destroys stubborn bacteria

Oregano oil works wonderfully against bacteria that change shape and make treatment tougher. Aggressive anti-fungal properties of oregano oil prevent infections such as Candida, fungus on the nails and scalp. When treating Candida you need to orally apply the oil, and in treating fungal on the nails the oil is applied topically. When it comes to treating fungus on the scalp it is recommended to apply several drops of oregano oil when shampooing.

First aid against stings from insects and animals bites

This oil has the power to neutralize poisonous stings like those of bees, snakes and spiders. Also it successfully heals inflammation and soothes pain caused by bites from animals.

Assist sports injuries

It relieves pain and muscle spasms, helps the recovery of injuries, inflammation of tendons, etc.

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