People Think Brown Rice Is Better Than White Because They Don’t Know THIS


Nowadays, more and more people are concernd with healthy foods and it’s all  because of the millions of diseases that are around us. Most commonly, people consider that brown counter parts to white foods are healtier such as brown sugar, whole flour, brown rice, etc. However, when it comes to brown rice, this is not completely true.


People most commonly believe that white rice is bad for consumption while the brown rice is a healthier counterpart. These opinions are totally wrong and we will show you why. But, first let clear up the fact why people think that white rice is bad for them.


In most of the cases, people decide to avoide white rice because they think it raises the blood sugar levels. The reason why they think like that is because of the white carbohydrate foods as white bread, which have high index of glycemic.

When it comes to rice, what determines its blood sugar-raising is its type, not its color. For instance, basmati rice no matter of its color, it has low glycemic index.

A study conducted on 14 healthy participants were fed with 11 different types of rice, including white and brown basmati rice. In order to determine the category of each type of rice, the blood glucose levels of each participants were measured. The results of the study were published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition which showed that that brown basmati rice was in the medium-high glycemic index category, while white basmati rice belonged in the low glycemic index category. As a conclusion to this, the color of rice does not determine its sugar-raising properties.


There are more phytates contained in brown rice than in white, and eventhough it is not bad for your health, it still makes it inferior to white rice.

The reason is because they prevent the absorption of essential mineral in food suchbas calcium, zinc and iron and are also know as “anti-nutrient”. In most of the cases, the preventing of mineral does not causes any serious diseases, but it can lead to a mineral deficiency.

Many people are convinced that the brown rice is healthier than the white because it is richer In nutrients, but this is not true because as we previously mentioned, brown rice it inhibits the ability of the body to absorb those beneficial nutrients.

As a conclusion, you should know that white version of rice is superior because of its nutrition, taste, and overall health.





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