Say Goodbye To Facial Hair For Good With These Simple Homemade Recipes

The facial hair is a big problem for many women. Women constantly are looking for some permanent solution that will help them to solve the problem with unwanted hair. There are many cosmetic treatments which cost a fortune and may cause side-effects.


Therefore, we will show you a recipe by which you can effectively get rid of the unwanted hair on the face.

For the solution for all your “hairy” problems and you will need just one simple ingredient: flour (gran or chickpea flour is best but regular white flour is good, as well). Now you can effectively remove all the unwanted facial hair. We have 3 solutions for equally effective methods for hair removal. You can try each and see which one suits you.


Prepare mixture by combining 1 cup of flour (by your choice you can use chickpea flour or plain flour) and ½ teaspoon of curcumin and a few drops milk.

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